I am a Music Producer/Performer, Voice Actor, Videographer, Video Editor, and Sound Designer. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology from Kent State University at Stark. My software of choice for sound design and production is Ableton, while any live audio is done with Pro Tools/Studio One. I edit video with either the Adobe Suite, Pinnacle Studio, or DaVinci Resolve. My vocal microphone is an Audio Technica P48, recorded into a Focusrite Scarlett Gen2 interface. I currently am based out of Audio Bay Studios, as the Head of Video. While working through the studio, I offer discounts on services I provide on my own.

In my degree path, I have learned orchestration, soundtrack production, audio recording, classical and modern music theory, sound design, and programs such as Wwise, Sibelius, and Max For Live. Within my degree, I also have performed extensively, including performances on Voice, Electric Bass, Double Bass, Synth, and Vocoder. 

Below you can find my current resume for reference.

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