Videography & Editing

Videography and Video Editing Services can be provided as a combo or as separate services. A minute of video typically takes 20 minutes to edit depending on the project.


Livestream: $30/hr

Videography: $30/hr

Edited Video: $60/hr of editing


For non-broadcast work (including  animation, business, educational, video games, etc.), fees are priced by the finished minute. As an approximation, depending on the read, there are about 150 words in 1 finished minute. 


Radio: $100-$500

TV: $175-$1000

Non-Broadcast: $50+

Sound Design & Music Production

Music Production such as recording, mixing, etc. is priced per hour of studio time. Foley and Sound Design are priced per finished project.


Production: $60/hr

Sound Design/Foley: $100